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Issue 33

The Webzine of Personal Stories…

Jonathan Kravetz — Note from the Editor

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The Man Who Ate His Book.

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Cindy Stockton Moore, our art gallery editor, is stepping down after twelve years of editing the inspiring art on these pages.  She started as our editor in Summer, 2003, when we knew only that we desperately needed to bring someone on board who knew a lot more about art than we did.  Over the years she’s provided steady leadership and a visual aesthetic with something interesting to say about the world.


Highlights From This Issue

Essays: Jim Krosschell
Average Fuel
Fiction: Kim Addonizio
In The Time of the Byzantine Empire
Memoir: Sarah Enelow
A Real Piece of Americana (in Russia)
Poetry:  Wyn Cooper
Opaque (and other poems)
Art Gallery: Jacqueline Bishop
Drawing With Light: An Interview with Photographer Lhouceine Aamar
Humor: Dan Morey
Call now–I stop at nothing
The Hunt by Susan Berger • Confessions of a Stamp Murderer by Devyani Borade • How About Dinner? by Barry I. Gold
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Fish Out of Agua, Part I by Michele Carlo • A Real Piece of Americana (in Russia) by Sarah Enelow • Spats by Robbie Tucker
In the Time of the Byzantine Empire by Kim Addonizio • Scattered Pages from a Broken Book by Fred Arroyo • A Gentlemen’s Agreement by Susan S. Lara
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Art Gallery
Drawing With Light: An Interview with Photographer Lhouceine Aamar by Jacqueline Bishop
It is what it is (and other poems) by John Foy • Opaque (and other poems) by Wyn Cooper • What Blocks Out the Sun (and other poems) by Charles Coté
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Call now--I stop at nothing by Dan Morey • Is that a brain I smell? by Jeffrey Flannery