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Welcome to Ducts’ 41st Issue!

Featuring Iris Anixter, Sarah Doudna, CJ Giroux, Norman T. Leonard, Matthue Roth, and Benjamin Harnett, with guest arts editor, Colin Grubel.
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Welcome to Ducts’ 41st Issue!


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She was entering a war zone; and, of all her battles today, this one was her own.
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Leaving this island, where the Sauks are no more . . .
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Red-Tailed Hawk
Remember: this won’t last forever. And it doesn’t. Just four years.
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Northern Broken Dash
About the art selections for this issue's 5 feature pieces.
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"Fine." It’s like saying “beige.” Am I molten purple? Ashen red? Storm cloud black tinged with emerald sadness?
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Architectural swirl
An “anal prolapse” is an accurate metaphor for how I have generally felt about these pets.
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