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Issue 32

The Webzine of Personal Stories…

Jonathan Kravetz — Note from the Editor

Best of Ducts anthology now available:
The Man Who Ate His Book.

Contact Charles@greenpointpress.org to order yours today.

Ducts.org was founded in 1999 and five years later we produced a best of Ducts book – How Not to Greet Famous People – that launched our publishing company, Greenpoint Press.  We intended to produce a new book every five years, but it’s taken us until now to produce another.  Because producing books is hard work.  But I’m excited to announce that we finally got our act together and our new anthology is now available:  The Man Who Ate His Book.


Highlights From This Issue

Essays: Thomas E. Kennedy
Nine Minutes and Ten Seconds
Fiction: Ian Rosales Casocot
Fly-Over Country
Memoir: Slash Coleman
Candy & the Porno
Poetry:  Sarah Freligh
What I’ve Lost and others
Art Gallery: Photo Essay by Becki Fuller
Kate Gilmore:  Performance at MECA
Humor: Svetlana Grobman
Diary of a Russian Immigrant
Imagine by Svetlana Grobman • On Coughing by Elizabeth Dossett • Writing High by Bruce Holbert
>> More
Candy and the Porno by Slash Coleman • November 22 by Kelly Flint • How it Went Down by Jennifer Glick
>> More
Fly-Over Country by Ian Rosales Casocot • On Ocular Oversight by Natanya Ann Pulley • Policy by Tim Tomlinson
Art Gallery
Kate Gilmore: Performance at MECA by A Photo Essay by Becki Fuller
Rose Petals in a Blue Bowl and others by Liz Dolan • What I've Lost and others by Sarah Freligh • Soul Mates and others by Bill Kimzey
>> More
Wiser Than Someone a World Away by Eugene H. Bales • Diary of a Russian Immigrant by Svetlana Grobman • The Age of Love by Jessi Klein