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May creative nonfiction readers

Trumpet Fiction thanks our May 13 readers . . .
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May creative nonfiction readers

April readers celebrate Nat’l Poetry Month

Trumpet Fiction thanks poetry editor Amy Lemmon for hosting and our April 8 readers for celebrating National Poetry Month . . .
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April readers celebrate Nat’l Poetry Month

We salute you, donors!

Ducts thanks everyone who contributed to our 2016 website redesign!
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We salute you, donors!


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Her former husband was a good man, and she had screwed up the marriage.
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This morning the world tried its best to tuck me back in.
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I wasn’t always a bad kid. Sure, I was a little anti-social and my penchant for wild bursts of Disco dancing made me a very lonely 3rd grader.
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We are making order out of chaos by being diligent, dedicated, and open to sharing with each other. We are both “piecing” and “peacing” communities back together.
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Into such an India I am born. As the firstborn daughter, I enjoy an enviable position in the family and am subject to huge amounts of pampering.
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I’ll watch anything with a Real Housewife in it. I say this with no pride and little understanding. I have no preferences.
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