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Table of Contents
Erectile Dysfunction
Essays: Issue 8
Life of a Salesman
Winner of the I Found it at the Movies writing contest: Issue 14
A Love Letter for You: Steve Powers
Share: Steve Powers (aka Espo of graffiti fame), proves that home really is where the heart is, when he unveiled his ambitious mural project “A Love Letter For You” to his native city of Philadelphia this past Fall. Through countless hours of community outreach, meetings, and social networking, Powers has brought together hundreds of West Philly residents to shape this project with through their artistic skills, insights on love, and thoughts on what their neighborhood means to them.
Processing Image: The Paintings of Aaron M Brown
Share: In the contemporary media climate – overwrought with tweets and live-feeds, links and newsflashes – oil painting can seem anachronistic, a simultaneously quaint and frivolous throwback to a former era of static imagery. The work of Aaron M Brown openly challenges that assumption, using traditional media to speak directly to the complex visual realities of today.
Holly Faurot & Sarah H Paulson: An Interview
Share: Ducts Art Gallery’s interview series continues with printmaker/artist, Hoang Pham in conversation with Brooklyn-based performance artists, Holly Faurot and Sarah H Paulson. She communicates with them via email from her studio in Richmond, Virginia. Hoang: I’d like to start off by talking a little bit about your relationship. I know you two have been together for some time now–the baby years going back to college.
In the days before universal air conditioning.
“What Is The Day For?”
Like a light switched on, I get it. “Dying with Dignity.”
Crying Over Quesadillas
The only thing I was ever good at was getting high.
Industrial Chemical Blues
Life After Death
A Christmas Cookie
Christmas Eve, 1985.
Itziar’s Best Friend
...comfort in the solemnity and quiet of our Catholic masses
Reality–What a Concept
And Spindle Makes Three
Two Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Three Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Three Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Two Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Two Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Three Poems
Share: Table of Contents
Two poems
Share: Table of Contents
Smug Married Advice to the Single
Emotional risk in dating is a lot like financial risk in investing...
Ouch. That hurts .
I have little use for pain...
Throwing Caution out the Car Window…
She was bad for me...
My (Hypothetical) Son Sucks at Flossing
...someday, when all your friends have mouths full of fillings, you'll understand.
Sea Swim don’t think you’ll actually run into a shark...
Under White Sheet, Stretching
My mother’s slow deterioration has corresponded with my greedy desire for carnal pleasure…
Time With The Family
I’ll never understand what she was doing naked...
Three Bad Words
He was literally kicking my ass.
Dalai Lama Speaks About Harmony
Harmony is his new fragrance
a young boy's flirtation with danger...
lost love, loneliness and strange bonds…
Lower Life Forms
...strange human creatures...
Stuck Kiss
A very long kiss...
The Birthday Present
An unexpected birthday present.