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How to submit your work


Submissions now open on a rolling basis

Our next issue will celebrate the publication’s 20th anniversary and will be published in Spring/Summer 2019. We are currently accepting essays, fiction, humor, memoir, and poetry–please read on below for more specific guidelines. 


Use our Submissions Manager  

Spend a few minutes reviewing our guidelines below. Then when you are ready, visit out Submissions Manager page to create a submission account and upload your work. Don’t forget to include your bio in the “Comments” box! 


Payment and rights 

We pay each author $20 per accepted submission. We retain exclusive rights for 6 months after publication (meaning that the work cannot be published elsewhere). After the 6 months are up, you may publish your work anywhere you like, although your piece will remain archived indefinitely in our back issues at If your piece is later reprinted, we respectfully ask that you include an acknowledgment of first publication in Ducts. Please note that we only accept original, previously unpublished submissions. 


Genre-specific guidelines

Essay guidelines

EditorVoichita Nachescu

  • Please send personal essays of up to 3,000 words
  • We welcome new and established writers, fresh voices, and original perspectives on both common and uncommon topics 
  • We do not publish research articles; however, we consider for publication essays that include research, as long as this research is connected to a personal narrative 
Fiction guidelines

Editor: Julie Wilkerson

  • Submit short fiction of 3,000-4,000 words (no novel excerpts please)
Humor guidelines

Editor: Mary Cool

  • Both satire and humorous fiction pieces will be accepted, running 1,000-4,000 words
Memoir guidelines

EditorMary Cool 

  • Accepting memoirs of up to 5,000 words in length
  • NO EXCERPTS PLEASE. Your piece needs to be able to stand alone


Poetry guidelines

 Editor: Interim editor

  • Be mindful of format limitations—until there’s a technical upgrade, our site can best handle poems that don’t require a lot of indentation
  • Please limit your submission from 3 to 5 poems
  • Include your entire submission in a single attachment